LIRC Ambassador Program

Advocacy and engagement across the industry.

The LIRC is now accepting applicants to become an LIRC Ambassador for your local IALD Region/Chapter.

An LIRC Ambassador can represent any LIRC company and will work with the local coordinators to engage with the local IALD LIRC community. The LIRC Ambassador will help promote community, communications, events, networking, the IALD, and more.

Please note that LIRC Ambassadors will be reviewed and determined by the local Region/Chapter Coordinator and IALD staff, and will serve a term of two years.

What does a LIRC Ambassador do?

  • Supports and liaises with the regional/local IALD Chapter Coordinators.
  • Serves as a go-to for other LIRC members and potential members in the region.
  • Communicates with all representatives of LIRC members in the region.
  • Creates LIRC network events/opportunities at any local industry event (e.g., inviting LIRC members to meet for coffee during a trade show set-up or end-of-day drinks).
  • Serves as respected contact for any non-local LIRC member visiting the Ambassador’s country/region and seeking advisement (e.g., identifying the top Fuorisalone events during Euroluce in Milan).
  • Promotes IALD LIRC to the local media & other associations (museums, etc.) and makes connections for potential partnerships with IALD.
  • Engages in and promotes the benefits of LIRC membership to other manufacturers considering joining the LIRC.

Benefits of becoming an LIRC Ambassador

  • New leadership opportunity that inspires the involvement and engagement of other LIRC members.
  • Ambassadorship enables more representatives of LIRC Member companies to be active participants in the IALD community.
  • Representatives of LIRC Member companies can enjoy more connections with the local IALD community, more events, more collaborations, and more opportunities to meet industry professionals.
  • This is a great introduction for any LIRC Member company representative considering applying to serve on an IALD LIRC committee. You’ll get experience, understand the needs of your local lighting community, and meet future IALD LIRC committee members.
Applying to be an ambassador is quick and easy. Just have the following ready when you hit the button below:
  • A headshot
  • Your company logo and contact information
  • LIRC Ambassador Spotlights

    LIRC Ambassador Spotlight: Andrew Bunker

    We shine the LIRC Ambassador Spotlight on Andrew Bunker, Global Sales Director with LIRC member company LEDFlex Group in Dubai, UAE.

    LIRC Ambassador Spotlight: Daniel Harvey, David Kelley, Raymond Veillette

    We shine the LIRC Ambassador Spotlight on Daniel Harvey, Regional Sales Manager for ERCO North America; David Kelley, Senior Director of Specification Sales for Current Lighting; and Raymond Veillette, Director of Sales for Lumenture Lighting.

    LIRC Ambassador Spotlight: Sage Russell

    We shine the LIRC Ambassador Spotlight on Sage Russell, VP of Specification Sales with LIRC member company LumenWerx in California.

    LIRC Ambassador Spotlight: Ivica Jekic

    The LIRC Ambassador Spotlight illuminates Ivica Jekic, Business Development Manager with LIRC member company LED Luks in Slovenia.

    LIRC Ambassador Spotlight: Perri Neuner

    The LIRC Ambassador Spotlight illuminates Perri Neuner, Architectural Specialty Sales Manager with LIRC member company Acuity Brands.

    LIRC Ambassador Spotlight: Donald Stopka

    The LIRC Ambassador Spotlight illuminates Donald Stopka, Senior Specification Sales Manager with LIRC member Acuity Brands in Chicago, IL.

    LIRC Ambassador Spotlight: Jaime Nunez

    The LIRC Ambassador Spotlight illuminates Jaime Nunez, CEO and Founder of LIRC member company ALUZ in California, United States.

    LIRC Ambassador Spotlight: Nicki Smith

    The LIRC Ambassador Spotlight illuminates Nicki Smith, Atelier of Light Project Manager with LIRC member company Zumtobel in London, UK.

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