About the IALD Education Trust

For the Future of Lighting Design.

The IALD Education Trust is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 charitable educational organization that directly supports educators and students in promoting the study of architectural lighting design. Established in 1998 and having just celebrated its 25th anniversary, the Trust dedicates its efforts to advancing lighting design by providing programs that support those who teach and those who learn the profession.

Our Mission

To grow the available pool of entry-level lighting designers by fostering connections between pre-practitioners and practitioners of the lighting design profession.

Our Vision

To create a better world through leadership and excellence in lighting design and to cultivate the universal acknowledgment and appreciation of the Power of Light in human life.

Travel Stipends

The IALD Education Trust provides support to students and educators for the purpose of promoting the profession of architectural lighting design; and strives to connect students with lighting practitioners and industry professionals. Since 1998, the Trust has awarded over 400 travel stipends and over 100 scholarships in 12 countries.

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Scholarship Program

The Lighting Design Alliance (LDA) Scholarship is open to non-U.S. citizens who are enrolled in an accredited undergraduate or graduate-level program in lighting design or a related field in any country. The annual award amount is $2,500 USD. 

The Thomas M. Lemons Scholarship is made possible by Available Light Inc. and requires applicants be a Junior, Senior, or Graduate-level lighting design student at an accredited school in the United States regardless of nationality. The annual award amount is $4,500 USD.

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The 2024 IALD International Lighting Design Awards

IALD Enlighten Europe 2024