Lighting Industry Resource Council (LIRC)

What is the LIRC?

Formed in 1996, the Lighting Industry Resource Council (LIRC) exists to provide a framework within the IALD for enhanced communication between professional lighting designers and manufacturers and to create an environment conducive to the collaborative improvement of products, services, business practices and lighting design education.

Who can join the LIRC?

LIRC membership is at the organizational level: your qualifying lighting equipment/component manufacturing company can be a member of LIRC. Membership in the LIRC is currently open to companies engaged in the manufacture of luminaires, lighting components, light sources, lighting control equipment, lighting software, and luminaire testing laboratories.

You can view a roster of the current LIRC member companies here on our website.

The Spirit of Collaboration

LIRC members recognize and support the importance of the independent lighting design profession.

LIRC members are committed to providing independent lighting designers with products and services that will help them realize their vision of effectively, creatively, and efficiently designed lighting for the built environment. While some LIRC member companies offer lighting design services, an LIRC member will not knowingly offer such services on a particular project if an IALD lighting designer is already under contract. Further, if a person or entity has requested an LIRC member company to provide lighting design services for a project where an IALD member is currently engaged in a consulting contract, the LIRC member will notify the relevant IALD member.

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