About the IALD

Our Background

Founded in 1969 and based in Chicago, IL, USA, the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) is an internationally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to supporting a network of 1,500 independent lighting design professionals who satisfy its rigorous qualification process.

The IALD strives to set the global standard for lighting design excellence by promoting the advancement and recognition of professional lighting designers.

Our Mission

To advance the global profession of lighting design through leadership and advocacy, and serve the members by promoting education, community and engagement. 

Our Vision

To create a better world through leadership and excellence in lighting design; to cultivate the universal acknowledgement and appreciation of the Power of Light in human life.

Our Purpose

The IALD is the authority on lighting design for the global community; the association promotes and advocates for the profession, educates and serves members, and advances the value of lighting design with key influencers.

Core Values demonstrated by: 

  • Collaboration: Openness to viewpoints, ideas, and consensus building
  • Community: Serving the profession with an inclusive vision that creates engagement locally and globally
  • Innovation: Exploring new opportunities and embracing new directions
  • Integrity: The highest professional and ethical standards, honesty, and trust
  • Leadership: Visionary and proactive leadership that advances the profession and delivers value
The 2024 IALD International Lighting Design Awards

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