IALD Regions + Chapters

What are the IALD Regions + Chapters?

The IALD is committed to supporting our members: a growing network of lighting design professionals around the world who are passionate about lighting in the built environment. 

The IALD currently facilitates over 25 geographic Regions and Chapters within them that support the interests of our diverse lighting, design, and architecture communities. These interconnected networks provide a way to connect with like-minded individuals, create meaningful programs, and build communities that transcend borders.

A Region is an area group of IALD members who facilitate local communication and activities within their local environment. Regions are established based on geographic boundaries at least national in size (i.e., IALD Australia New Zealand, IALD Japan).

Much like Regions, a Chapter also contains IALD members communicating and acting locally, but are sub-groups of individual Regions as necessitated by membership quantity or geographic distance. Chapters are established based on geographic boundaries smaller than national in size (i.e., IALD Sydney Chapter, IALD New England Chapter). There can also be Student Chapters established for university populations of notable size.

To form a new Region or Chapter, an application is submitted by interested IALD members to IALD staff, processed, and presented to the IALD Board of Directors.

Region + Chapter Coordinators

Each Region and Chapter has one or more volunteer Coordinators who dedicate their time and talent to creating engaging local activities and encouraging peer communication within their respective areas. They attend regular leadership workshops and interact with IALD staff and collaborative organizations (i.e., local AIA and IES chapters). The global IALD community is made better by their contributions, and we thank them for their efforts.

For assistance with IALD Regions and Chapters, including identifying the Region or Chapter nearest you, please get in touch with the IALD.

Active IALD Regions + Chapters

Please click the mail ✉ icon next to each Region or Chapter name to contact that group's coordinators.


IALD Greater China Chapter

  • Uno Lai, IALD, CLD
  • Sabrina Peng
  • IALD Japan Chapter

  • Miho Konishi, Associate IALD
  • Yuko Taki, IALD Staff
  • IALD India Chapter

  • Dashak Agarwal, Jr. Associate IALD
  • Suma Khandige, IALD
  • Linus Lopez, IALD
  • IALD Middle East Chapter

  • Maria Dautant, IALD
  • IALD Southeast Asia

  • Yah Li Toh, IALD, CLD
  • Australia/New Zealand

    IALD ANZ Region

  • David Bird, FIALD, CLD
  • Alina Hinton-Tooley, IALD Staff
  • IALD Brisbane Chapter

  • Ben Lüder, Associate IALD
  • IALD Melbourne Chapter

  • Sharbel Dammo, Associate IALD
  • Walesca Zanonato, Jr. Associate IALD
  • IALD Sydney Chapter

  • Tim Geary, Associate IALD
  • Donn Salisbury, IALD
  • Jackson Stigwood, Jr. Associate IALD
  • Europe

    IALD Europe Region

  • Tomas Babicky, Project Coordinator
  • IALD Alpine Chapter

  • Luciana Alanis, Student IALD
  • Julia Hartmann, IALD, CLD
  • IALD Germany Chapter

  • Reza Jalalzadeh Asrjadidi, Jr. Associate IALD
  • Stephan Horn, Associate IALD
  • Philip Rafael, IALD
  • Carla Jardim, Associate IALD
  • IALD Netherlands Chapter

  • Ellen Goulmy, Associate IALD
  • Berry van Egten, IALD
  • IALD Nordic Chapter

  • Kristin Bredal, IALD
  • Jørgen Kjer, IALD
  • Iris Molendijk, Jr. Associate IALD
  • Mihkel Pajuste, Educator IALD
  • Tina Wickstrom, Associate IALD
  • IALD Southern Europe Chapter

  • Noemi Barbero, IALD
  • Chiara Carucci, Associate IALD
  • Martina Frattura, Jr. Associate IALD
  • Anna Sbokou, IALD
  • Dean Skira, IALD
  • North America


    IALD Canada Region

  • Rebecca Ho-Dion, Associate IALD
  • Stephen Wolba, Associate IALD
  • IALD Eastern Canada Chapter

  • Alicia Davila Monterrey, IALD
  • Sophie Charvein, IALD
  • IALD Toronto Chapter

  • Azin Dilmaghani, Associate IALD
  • Alan McIntosh, IALD
  • México

    IALD México Chapter

  • Brenda Castillo, IALD
  • Cristina Escofet, Associate IALD
  • United States

    IALD Midwest U.S. Chapter

  • Samantha Komber, Jr. Associate IALD
  • Katelyn Le-Thompson, Jr. Associate IALD
  • Matt Valerio, Jr. Associate IALD
  • IALD New England Chapter

  • Victoria Riedinger, Associate IALD
  • Michelle Tessier, Associate IALD
  • IALD New York Chapter

  • Hamilton Guillén, Jr. Associate IALD
  • David Seok, IALD
  • Braulio Zenteno, Associate IALD
  • IALD Pacific Northwest Chapter

  • Nicholas Dewey, Associate IALD
  • Danielle Kelly, Associate IALD
  • IALD Philadelphia Chapter

  • Chelsae Bauknecht, Jr. Associate IALD
  • IALD Rocky Mountain Chapter

  • Lisa Bartlett, IALD
  • Sarah Fisher, IALD
  • Jack Koch, Jr. Associate IALD
  • Harmon Lee, Jr. Associate IALD
  • IALD San Francisco Chapter

  • Haley Laurence, Associate IALD
  • Andrew Moore, Associate IALD
  • Kyra Traxler, Associate IALD
  • IALD Southeast U.S. Chapter

  • Jeff Brown, IALD
  • Kate Sanoke, Associate IALD
  • Carrie Walker, Associate IALD
  • IALD Southern California Chapter

  • Leslie Crapster-Pregont, Jr. Associate IALD
  • IALD St. Louis Chapter

  • Amy Hughes, Associate IALD
  • IALD Washington D.C. Chapter

  • Jessica Krometis, Associate IALD
  • United Kingdom

    IALD UK Chapter

  • Beatrice Bertolini, Jr. Associate IALD
  • Kevin Rosenstand, Associate IALD
  • The 2024 IALD International Lighting Design Awards

    IALD Enlighten Europe 2024