Advocacy: A Collective Voice for Lighting Designers

As part of the IALD’s mission to promote the visible success of our members, the IALD engages in worldwide advocacy for the unique needs of the architectural lighting design profession and independent architectural lighting designers.

How the IALD Conducts Advocacy

IALD members, working on a volunteer basis, form the heart and soul of the IALD’s advocacy efforts.  Our approach depends on volunteer experts, carefully nurtured relationships, and effective participation in coalitions and alliances. 

In the European Union (EU), the primary vehicle for IALD advocacy activities is the European Regulatory Affairs Working Group.  If you are an IALD member with an interest in policy decisions that may affect you and your practice, contact the IALD Europe regional coordinators for more information.

In the United States (US), the IALD’s Energy and Sustainability (E&S) committee works to affect energy codes and policies, while the Metrics of Quality committee addresses issues of how to advocate for improved lighting quality. Both groups welcome new volunteers among the IALD membership; contact us to learn more.

Key Advocacy Issues

Lighting Quality. The IALD works with lighting organizations from across the globe to bring public attention to issues of lighting quality. 

Energy Codes and Policies. The IALD represents the ideas and expertise of independent professional lighting designers to code-creating bodies in the U.S. and EU.

Daylighting and Lighting Systems. Current issues in lighting practice include the best ways to integrate daylight into the built environment and how to apply systems approaches to lighting. The IALD is working with a variety of organizations to address each of these issues.

Professional Practice. The IALD works to raise the profile of the lighting design profession by addressing issues of certification, taxation, licensure, and related topics.

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